For the Love of Shoes

Women and shoes just seem to have a certain love affair that no man can put asunder. The right pair of shoes can easily make your feel like a million bucks! Picking shoes that not only look good but feel good is easier than you think.

A lot of women settle for sensible shoes. That is shoes that have no flair to them. It is fine to wear flats but you do not have to wear flats that lack style. The right shoes will make you feel great about your outfit and raise your level of confidence.

Know Your Feet

The key to being able to wear your shoes well whether you are opting for a cute pair of flats or sky high heels is to know your feet. There are different foot shapes and knowing which one you have will make finding the perfect pair of shoes easy!

There are three primary types of foot shape almost everyone falls into one category or another. Buying shoes that do not compliment your foot shape will leave you with achy feet. Any woman can wear heels comfortably if they opt in for shoes that are made for their foot type.

Looking at your feet while you are bare footed and your feet are flat on the floor will tell you which type of foot shape you have and will help you when you are shopping for shoes.

Round Toes

If you look at your feet while they are flat on the ground and you are barefooted and your toes form a semi-circle at the top of your foot than you have a round foot. The shoes that are best for you are shoes that have rounded toes.

Your feet will fit better in the shoes and you will not get rub spots on your toes like you do when you try to cram your rounded feet into pointy toes.

Square Toes

If you look down at your feet while you are barefooted and your toes form a square at the top of your foot than you have square toes and you should be buying shoes that are boxy at the tip.

Triangular Toes

If your toes are at a complete angle when you look down at your bare feet with your big toe being the largest and each toe after it getting smaller and smaller you can easily wear pointy toed shoes without any difficulty, you can also wear shoes with rounded toes and boxy toes as well.

Know Your Width

A lot of ladies make the mistake of buying shoes that are not wide enough for their feet. If your feet are being squeezed in your shoes than you need to have your foot measured and start buying shoes that match your width.

Shoes are made in different widths to accommodate different width feet. You can love your shoes if they fit correctly! You can wear heels if you find the shoes that fit your feet correctly.

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