Quick Tips to Avoid the Flu This Winter

Winter is almost here—it may seem like it is here for some. It’s the time of year that colds are everywhere and the flu jab is being offered. You may decide that you don’t want the flu jab this year and want to protect yourself from catching the flu completely. There are some things that you can do to help keep your immune system working and boost your body’s natural defences.

Get Ready for the Time of Year

If you have nothing against the vaccine, you may want to consider getting it. This is especially the case if you are more susceptible to the flu; such as being old or have asthma or other ailments.

However, it is generally advisable to talk to your doctor about this choice. Whether you have the vaccine or not, get your body ready. Get the warmer clothes out and focus on healthy and filling foods that are full of nutrients.

Disinfect Those Surfaces

Don’t leave anything to chance right now. Your surfaces will be breeding grounds for most bacteria, so clean them regularly. Don’t just focus on the surfaces either.

Make sure the sinks are cleaned, watch out for the hob and remember the toilet! The more you clean this time of year, the less bacteria there is.

Wash Your Hands

After using the toilet, wash your hands. You should scrub for 20 seconds to remove all the bacteria and don’t forget under your fingernails!

Before you eat, make sure you wash your hands. You’ll be surprised by the amount that you pick up throughout the day.

Wipe Other Areas Down

The kitchen worktops and bathrooms aren’t the only places for bacteria to grow and thrive. Door handles, computer keyboards and baby changing mats are other areas to watch out for. Make sure you wipe them down regularly.

When out in public, it may even be worth using some paper towels to open a door, so you can throw them away afterwards, considering the fact that some people don’t wash their hands!

Cover Your Mouth When You Cough

Whether you’re sneezing because of allergies or you have a tickly cough, make sure you cover your mouth; preferably with a tissue. You will spread germs and diseases this way and could get them on your keyboard or computer screen without realising.

If others are coughing and sneezing around you, politely ask them to cover their mouths to limit the spread of diseases.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Help your body do its work by getting a good night’s sleep every night. You want to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.

Your immune system only works at this time. If you do get ill, get extra sleep to boost your chances of recovery.

Get a Good Diet

Nutrients from food will help you starve off the diseases and the flu. Get plenty of fruit and vegetables and avoid neglecting any food group.

You don’t need to starve yourself; in fact, this can lead to more illnesses.

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