Go to the Office in Style with Your Perfect Work Handbag

Are you on the new hunt for a bag for work? Finding the perfect work handbag takes time. It needs to be stylish and show off your personality but professional at the same time. Here are some of the top tips to getting that perfect work handbag to show off at the office.

It Needs to Hold Everything

Depending on your job, you may need to buy a big handbag. This really will depend what you do and what you need to take to work.

Some people take their work shoes because they walk in their trainers while others will just need their diary and nothing else. Think about what you need and make sure you buy a bag that will fit everything inside.

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Think About the Season

Right now is the best time to search for that perfect work handbag. This is when the new styles are in and are geared for this type of thing.

As you get to the spring and summer, manufacturers are getting the beach bags out for people to buy. There will be a few options for work but nowhere near as many as right now.

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Does It Work with Your Clothes

A stylish handbag looks great when it matches your office clothes. Take a trip in something that you would usually wear for work and try it on.

Strut around the store to get a feel for the outfit as a whole. Ask a friend to go with you to help you decide whether it’s a hit or miss.

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What Type of Look Does It Give

While you want fashion and style, you also need to look professional. Really think about what the bag says about you and don’t be afraid to be honest!

If the bag doesn’t quite give the right look, for example as the successful business woman, it’s not the right option for you. Keep browsing because the perfect work handbag is out there.

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Keep Your Personal Style

At the same time, you need to find something that you personally like, otherwise you’ll opt for a new bag at the drop of a hat.

What do you prefer in a bag? Is it a certain colour or do you like detail on the outside? Mix this with your business style and you will have the perfect work bag.

Bag: debenhams.com



Talk to Your Manager

If you’re really struggling, talk to your manager about your hunt. By saying that you’re looking for something for the office, you will come across as dedicated. It could work for you in other aspects of your work life.

Your manager will have a good idea of the type of bag you should have for the office based on your role and upcoming events.

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Don’t Go Too Loud!

You’ll hear to pick a neutral colour but this doesn’t always work. Whatever you do, avoid loud and bright colours.

If you want to opt for slightly off neutral, consider yellows and deep reds.

Bag: riverisland.com

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