Harness the Power of the Handbag

Your handbag is a powerful accessory. It has the power to make or break an outfit; the power to make you look like a loser or a winner; the power to make you into a star or outcast in the fashion world. It’s more than a place to put your knick knacks and your personal effects. Its speaks and people listen. It has a personality all of its own and can embrace your other accessories to add style and flare to your outfit.

So what is your handbag’s personality? What do you need from it? Do you need zest, understated sophistication or the perfect professional look? Does size matter or do you just need personality? What will you put in there? Cherry red lip gloss, a brand name tablet, alligator skin purse or cell phone and charger; with all those questions answered your handbag should play the role for which it was intended…perfectly!

In this case size doesn’t matter; big, small or in-between you just need to find the one or twenty one that works with your sense of style. Maybe your go-to is that one gorgeous handbag that pops, shines or sparkles. You know the one! Every woman has it or has had it. Then again it could be you are still looking for, that perfect one…. It goes with every outfit, holds everything, and there you have it love at first sight, a love affair unmatched by any other.

Handbags have transitioned from the times there were known for mere functionality and have evolved to be durable yet functional pieces of art with vast amounts of potential and personality. From sophisticated clutches to professional totes the handbag is the hold-all. The handbag has now been morphed into functionalities from the baby bag, the gym bag the shopping bag; wherever you go the handbag is your sidekick.

Finding that perfect handbag is sometimes often a case of instant attraction- maybe it’s the one that makes you take a second or third look! Maybe it’s the one that you talk about when you are on the phone with your BFF! Could it be the one that makes you lie to your husband because you just have to have it!

If you intend purchasing a carry-all you may want to look for a material that is hardwearing yet offers the versatility you desire. Don’t make your relationship with your handbag complicated. Before you buy have a plan for it. Are you at the stage where you are looking for a one night stand or a longer lasting commitment from your handbag?

Remember, the beautiful handbag is a statement piece it is the accessory that every one notices. It sticks by your side in every situation; in every weather. Relax and watch your handbag harness your life in a fashionable bundle. Listen to the compliments flow around you as you regale in the knowledge that you have made the right choice in the choosing of your handbag.

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