Tips for Cleaning Your Winter Boots

The winter is definitely here and you’ve probably pulled out those winter boots to keep your feet warm. The problem is that they can get really dirty after just a day of use. You don’t want to drag mud through the house and you want them to look just like new the next time you wear them. But professionally cleaning them costs a fortune. Here are a few tips to do that yourself and save money.

Water and Vinegar for Those Salt Stains

The most common problem is salt stains on winter boots. Salt is used to create a grit on icy roads, but it isn’t very apologetic to leather and other materials. If left, it can degrade the material.

The best thing to do is use a mixture of water and vinegar. With a cloth, you will be able to rub the mixture into the salt to remove it. The leather won’t be ruined by the vinegar. Once you are done, use some fresh water and a cloth to rub over the material.

Olive Oil to Improve the Scratches

Scratches happen for all types of reasons, including those missed branches when walking through the snow. One of the best things to improve these is olive oil.

Use a rag and run the olive oil straight along the line of the scratch. This will get the oil into the scratch to improve it.

Improve Scruffs with Baking Soda

Another natural method of improving your winter boots is using baking soda. Mixed with some water, the ingredient just needs to be rubbed onto a boot and scuffs will be removed extremely quickly.

This ingredient will do no damage at all to the material, and there is no need to worry about it on the hands either. It is also great for naturally cleaning the whole boot to make it look just like new the next time you wear it. Once you’re done with the mixture, wipe your winter boot down with a damp cloth.

Petroleum Jelly for Your Patent Leather

Patent leather is a popular option for those who want a natural shine the whole time. The problem is that scuffs will really show up. Baking soda won’t quite work on this material, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new pair of boots.

Petroleum jelly is excellent for this type of material. Use a dry cloth and just a layer of the jelly rubbed into the material. It also works on scratches, and you just need a damp cloth afterwards to wipe it clean.

Shoe Shines to Give Your Leather a Glow

There are many shoe shines available in stores, or you could use liquid polish. These are very quick to use, compared to a traditional brush and polish set.

You will soon find your shoes get their natural leather glow after a long day of wearing them. These ingredients don’t last all day though, and you will still benefit from a layer or real polish every now and then.

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