Top 7 Colors For a Beautiful Fall and Winter Wardrobe

During both the fall and winter, women love to wear the colors that are the most appropriate. There is an old saying about wearing white after Labor Day, and it happens to be the truth because white is only appropriate for the spring and summer. There are many colors that are available only in the fall, and here are the best 7 colors for a woman to wear during both the fall and the winter.

Emerald Green:

The dark green color can add a sense of elegance to a woman’s outfit especially if its in something like a coat or even a sweater.

Emerald green is said to be the color of royalty, and any woman that wears it will feel like a queen.


Dark Red:

Red is all about passion, and the red for fall is a deep dark red that can really bring an outfit together if the color is used for something like a sweater, a skirt, or even jewelry and other accessories.



Typically, pink is not something that is thought of during the fall and winter, but fuchsia can add a hint of color without going overboard, especially when its paired with something to tame it a little black or charcoal grey.


Charcoal Grey:

A color that is popular all year long is charcoal grey. However, during the fall, charcoal grey can be both elegant and flattering.

For women who prefer a more subtle look, charcoal grey can be used to accentuate any body feature, and also give a woman a classy yet professional look.


Chocolate Brown:

Most women think brown is boring, but the truth is that brown has so many different shades that it can be worn all year long.

For the fall, a deep, dark, rich, chocolate brown is actually a popular shade because the color of leather and suede are both brown in color. Also, women love to buy boots that are in the same dark color, which will make any fall fashion look fabulous.


Royal Blue:

Blue is like brown, it’s a basic color that comes in a lot of different shades from a blue so light it matches the sky, to a blue that’s almost black it’s so dark. The shade of blue for the fall and winter is a medium blue that can be labeled as royal blue.

Some women think that royal blue is too bright for the bleak fall and winter weather, but the truth is that it can be toned down some with a darker color like black.


Golden Yellow:

Yellow can be a tricky color, some women can wear it and some cannot because it makes them look too pale.

However, the yellow for fall is not just a light one that might be best for spring, but a dark golden yellow that is often seen with leaves that have turned for the fall.

Golden yellow combined with another fall color like brown, can really make a woman look her very best for the colder fall and winter weather.

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