Choosing The Best Winter Coat for Women

Some parts o the United States have bad winters that involve ice, snow, and high winds. In order to survive such harsh temperatures, a woman has to make sure she has a winter coat. Not every coat is made for a woman’s body, but there are tips for her to follow to help her find the perfect winter coat for her body shape.

Coats For An Apple Shape:

Women who have an apple shape are big on top, but have slimmer hips and long legs.

For a woman who is top heavy, a coat with wide shoulders and big buttons can make her upper half appear to be the same size as her lower half.




The Long Coat:

For a woman that is big on top, a coat that is long, which means it goes past the waist to her thighs, can draw the eye down the length of it, and therefore, make her upper half look a lot smaller than it really is.


Coats For A Pear Shape:

Women who are pear shaped are small on top, but tend to have wide hips and shorter legs. The best coat for a woman with this shape to wear is a short coat that stops at her waist.

To also make her lower half of the body look smaller, a woman should choose a coat with a wide collar, which will balance out the proportions of her body.


Coats For The Rectangle Shape:

Women who have rectangle shape bodies are narrow both on top and on bottom. To help a woman with this body shape have more of a feminine shape, the center of the coat shuld be where the eye is drawn to.

Large buttons and large pockets placed around the waist are going to help gibe a woman with a rectangle body a less boyish shape, and give her the appearance of curves that she does not have naturally.


A Coat With Flair:

Rectangle shaped bodies are straight up and down, which can make the body look shapeless.

However, a long coat that has a tight waist, but then flair out at the bottom, can take away that shapeless look and make a woman’s body look more shapely.


Coats For An Hour Glass Figure:

A woman with an hour glass shape has good balance between her top and lower half of her body.

With hour glass figures, a woman can wear either a long or short coat, and even choose one that ties in the middle around her waist.


The V Neck Shaped Coat:

There are winter coats that have a wide V neck shape that goes around the head and stop about halfway down the chest. The V neck is typically decorated with fur or feathers, and the shape will draw the eyes to a woman’s chest.

If a woman has a small chest, and she wants to make her chest look bigger, than the V neck shape is ideal because of the attention it draws to the breast area.

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