Move over classic black, there is a new go to classic for the Spring/Summer 2014, and it one that you probably wouldn’t expect…denim. Denim has seen a real revolution over the past few months and has become the hottest clothing medium on the high street. Denim has come a longRead More →

The credit crunch has hit most of us hard, which means we are trying to tighten our belts wherever we can. Gone are the days of frivolous spending, where we buy a ridiculous dress that will be worn once and then relegated to the back of the wardrobe, before beingRead More →

Every family has some old t-shirts lying around that need to either get thrown out or up cycled into something new. Here are some great t-shirt DIY crafts that you can do with and for your kids. Shirt Wreath Start with a foam or straw wreath form from the craftRead More →

A maxi skirt is a great investment during the summer. It will keep your legs covered if you don’t like showing them off but the fabric is still loose and light to deal with the heat. When wearing a maxi skirt, you want to look great and this means followingRead More →

The boy shape is also commonly referred to as the straight up and down shape. This is when the hips, waist and shoulders are all the same size but is not as common as many people think. The good news is that it is the easiest shape to dress forRead More →

The apple shape is one of the most common body shapes for women but is the hardest to dress for. This is when the waist is wider than the hips and chest and it makes it harder to create the classic hour-glass figure that every woman wants. However, that doesn’tRead More →