Move over classic black, there is a new go to classic for the Spring/Summer 2014, and it one that you probably wouldn’t expect…denim. Denim has seen a real revolution over the past few months and has become the hottest clothing medium on the high street. Denim has come a longRead More →

Some parts o the United States have bad winters that involve ice, snow, and high winds. In order to survive such harsh temperatures, a woman has to make sure she has a winter coat. Not every coat is made for a woman’s body, but there are tips for her toRead More →

Dressing for the pear shape is actually one of the easiest tasks. The trick is to make the top half look bigger so it balances with the bottom half. Creating a waistline to make it look like you have an hour-glass figure is natural once you have done that. ThisRead More →

If your body doesn’t seem to have a shape – as in it is straight up and down – it can be difficult to find a dress that works. You want to show off your femininity, especially in the summer, but you just don’t feel like you look it. WithRead More →