How To Dress For a Family Portrait

Planning outfits for a family portrait can be a stressful process. There are a lot of factors to consider when making this decision. A surprising amount of foresight is required in the planning of a successful photo shoot.

The first factor to consider is where you are going to be placing the portrait. You do not want the color scheme that you choose to clash with the room that it will be displayed in. Framing and placement of the portrait definitely need to be taken into consideration when making a final decision.

When choosing your color scheme, consider what looks best on the people involved as well as what they are comfortable with. If they are comfortable with what they are wearing, the process will flow much more smoothly and it will be reflected in the results of the photo. Especially with children, if they are not happy, it will translate that way to the camera. There are so many different options when considering color and theme for your photo.

1. Everyone Matching – Having everyone wearing the same color can look clean, precise and uniform. When paired with a very colorful and busy background, the photo results can be striking.

2. Boys in One Color/Girls in Another Color – Designing your photo in this way adds a little depth and color. The uniformity is still present, but it helps to distinguish among the subjects. The background could be simpler.

3. Multiple Colors – Choosing main colors (no more than three) and mismatching them among the family members can add personality. The clothing choices would be more flexible allowing the family members to insert more of their own style and personality.

4. Style Match – A new trend in group portraits is to have every subject dressed differently, but within the same theme. Some popular theme examples could be hip-hop, glam, punk, and preppy.

5. Fabric Match – Another popular trend is to select one type of fabric (plaid, stripes, floral, etc) and have every person showcase the fabric somewhere in their outfit.

Some other helpful tips to make your family portrait shine are:

Layers and Accessories – Adding jewelry, scarfs, and hats can add dimension and texture to your photo.

Have a Plan – You need to have a plan set out for the outfits. Lay out all the outfits that you are considering for your photo shoot together so can see how they will look together. Often times, you will make changes after you see full outfits next to each other.

Grouping – You can have the outfits perfectly planned out, but it is imperative to group the outfits in a way that allows everyone to shine. There always needs to be a balance among the people as well as the clothing.

Planning and executing the perfect family portrait for you is no easy feat. There must be a lot of patience, planning and foresight. If you can focus on the end result, you will have something memorable and special to cherish forever.

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