Look Good in Your Christmas Pictures

The Christmas season is full of parties and you know that means photos. If you’re usually the one behind the camera, you may feel left out when looking back over the night. However, do you hate the way you look in those party shots? The good news is that with a few changes to your posture and positioning, you could get the perfect Christmas pictures.

Shoulders Back, Chest Out

Okay, you can do this too much, but putting your chest out with your shoulders back is necessary. You will look taller, more confident and happier within yourself. If you’re not too sure, compare photos of you slouching and someone else with their shoulders back. Can you see a difference now? Every time someone has a camera ready, make sure your shoulders are back for a great look.

Add Some Sparkle

Give something for people to look at in your photos by adding some sparkle. This could be something on your party dress or a shimmering pair of earrings. The sparkle will take the attention off your worst parts of your body, as long as you don’t add the sparkle there, and guide people to focus on the good parts.

Give Your Hair a Boost

Add more volume to your hair. When you’re getting ready, use some boost-adding hairspray or mousse so that you get the look that you want. It may be worth having a small can of the hairspray in your handbag so you can touch your hair up throughout the night. That way, you don’t need to worry about the end of night photos.


Get the Right Dress

Using block colours is a great way to focus the attention on the areas that look good, and hide the bad areas at the same time. Opt for bright colours for most of the dress and use darker colours in the areas that you’re not that fond of, whether it is your shoulders, your area around your stomach or along your thighs. There are some great party frocks available right now.

Use Pearl Drop Earrings

Studs make be easier but pearl drop earrings help you in photos. They help to shape your face and reflect the light to the skin, especially if you opt for sparkly ones. The next time someone is there with a camera, put your hair behind your ear and let your earrings do all the work for you.

Get the Perfect Lipstick

Lipstick or gloss is great for attracting attention to your face. You can use it to make your lips stand out, and pull the attention away from problem areas. Make sure it matches your outfit, or works with your skin complexion to avoid looking like The Joker.

Wear Those Heels

High-heels are perfect for getting the perfect snap. You will stand with better posture, just for those few minutes. If you’re worried about your feet hurting, invest in a set of pads for the shoes. You could also look into heels with a platform to offer more padding for your feet.

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