Summer Trends for the Forty Plus Women in 2013

Spring gone; it’s time to do up your wardrobe once more with the chic summer collection. You can look up the internet for a summer update on fashion. A woman over forty will dress with some elegance and difference in comparison to a teenager or a mid-twenty woman. This summer you have all major trends to go for. Here is a brief roundup…

High contrast prints

The high contrast prints are ready but here is a better round up of all fashionable dresses in 2013 for women over 40.

This is going to be a super fabulous season and there are so many fashionable trends to choose from. It is difficult to pin down a select few out of them.

The overall trend of things is quite simple, sheer, black and white, neutrals although there is a splash of color here and there to give you the perk.

Black and white

You may wonder what else could be there on the list. Although black and whites are popular trendy colors this summer, there is often a pop of color too, breaking the boredom of plain black or plain white.

You can now apply the graphical trend in high contrast everywhere. Although Sheer was a trend last year, it is in this year too because of its classiness and subtlety. This will be an interesting with some layers and some detailed peek-a-boo.

When this trend is done in a very subtle way, a woman over 40 can indulge in the trend. It is mainly the midriff that would be highlighted this summer. Done in a very classy way, this dress will look chic for a woman over forty.

African Asian trend

This summer a lot of designers have been inspired by world culture. The African and the Asian culture were well represented and characterized by prints in elegant and beautiful colors.

The power suits also look great on ladies over forty. They help to carry them well and are especially suitable for wearing to work.


You can take your pick of neutral or electric colors. Although neutral color is in this summer, electric colors are not quite out and they can be found in the designer wear collection by the bigger names like Gucci.

Emerald green is the great color this year and a variation of the color is popular on the runways.


Shorts are back this summer. This time they are a bit baggy and loose to beat the heat.

Try them on as these can be a great trend and style them well so that they don’t make you look frumpy.


This summer of 2013, why not look for the arty pieces too? These are original creations that are draped and long and they are actually timeless if worn properly.

These avant-garde fashion pieces are trendy and they go a long way in keeping up your style statement as long as they are worn properly and you carry them well.

You can also go for dresses and skirts a little above your knees which is a great trend for plus forty women this summer.

Styles to ignore

Bold stripes, big and bold prints, huge ruffles are the trends a forty plus lady should be careful about. You can ignore them as there are already so many elegant styles to choose from.


This summer 2013, go for flats in shoe trends as they work well with your pin stripes, black and whites and sheers and neutrals. Wear something that goes well with your personality and your own style.

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