Be in Shape in Time for the Summer

Spring is here and the summer is just around the corner. You’ve probably got a lot of things planned for this time of year, and now is the time to focus on getting in shape. But where do you start? You’ve not got long, so you need to act quick. Here are some tips to help you get in shape in time for the summer.

Plan for the Future

Set your summer goal and create a plan to get there. Will you focus only on diet? Will you include a little more exercise into your day? If you don’t plan ahead, how do you expect to succeed?

You can’t just stop with the planning though. Once you have a plan there, you need to put it into action.

Give Yourself the Motivation

You need to find some way of giving yourself the motivation to lose weight. You could buy the swimwear or a new dress to fit into ready for the summer. Another option is to stick a photo of the body you would like to have.

This photo could be a cut out from a magazine or an old photograph of yourself.

Give Your Cupboards a Clearout

It’s time to get rid of all those things in the back of your cupboards. You’ll be surprised at how old some of the cans are. You may even find cans that went out of date in the 80s if you lived there that long!

Giving your cupboards a clearout will create space for the healthy food that you’re going to go shopping for. You will also be able to get rid of the chocolate, crisps and other items that are hiding, so you don’t reach for them in moments of weakness.

Plan Out Your Shopping List

Before you go shopping for food, plan out your list.

You need to write down every single thing that you need to buy, so you don’t forget anything. Leave off anything that isn’t a necessity right now. You don’t need the crisps or the chocolate cake that you’re so used to having. These are not going to help you get that summer figure.

Only Buy On the List

Only buy items that are on your list. Just because an item is on sale, does not mean that it deserves to be added mid shopping trip. If you struggle to stick to a list when walking around the store, do your shopping online.

You can just type the item into the search bar and it will limit the extra treat items that you spot.

Get More Exercise In

It’s time to focus on exercise. This will help you tone muscle, lose inches quicker and boost your metabolism.

All the crunches in the world are not going to help. You need to do a variety of exercises, including cardio, flexibility and strength training. Create an exercise plan and routine, and then stick to it to see the results you want.

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