Pregnancy Fitness Myths Busted

There are many myths surrounding fitness during pregnancy. You can hear that you shouldn’t continue running, or that yoga is the only type you should consider. Well, it is time to bust those myths. Here are six pregnancy fitness myths and the truth behind them.

You Shouldn’t Start Right Now

If you’ve never exercised in the past, you may hear some people telling you not to start right now. This is a big myth that can actually do you more harm than good.

While you don’t want to start marathon training right now, there is nothing wrong with trying out some light exercising. Moderate exercise, such as walking or prenatal yoga, are great to do even if you’re new to exercising.

Strength Training Is a Big No-No

Your body will produce more relaxin, a hormone that helps to loosen the joints during labour.

Because of this, there are some people who believe that strength training should be avoided as there is a risk of injury. There is always going to be a risk of injury, but you can do some strength training on a moderate level. Listen to your body. If you’re in pain or struggle to do something because of your joints, look for other types of exercises.

It’s Time to Cut Back on Exercise Considerably

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you need to let it all go. Well, that’s what you hear. Want the truth? You don’t need to dial back the exercise that much, at least right away.

You will eventually find that you have less energy and your centre of gravity changes so you have to change your exercise routines. It is also important to remain hydrated the whole time to avoid damaging your unborn baby.

Cycling and Running Must Be Avoided

Have you heard how you shouldn’t cycle or run when you are pregnant?

Well, that’s not quite true. You don’t need to give it up right away, but you may want to consider it later. Your centre of gravity changes and balance may be an issue, which can make road running or cycling dangerous. Switch your exercises so that if you do go dizzy suddenly it’s not going to put you or your baby at risk.

You Can’t Do Abdominal Workouts

There is some truth in this. You can’t quite do the traditional abdominal workouts. As you get into the second trimester, you will need to remain off your back because of the risk of the baby putting pressure on an important artery.

However, there are plenty of other abdominal workouts that you can take advantage of, and doing them is great to build up the strength for labour.

You need to Stop All Exercise in the Last Trimester

There are some people who believe that exercise should be stopped in the last trimester.

This really is not the case. However, you will need to adapt your exercises to suit the position of the baby and the amount of energy you have.

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