Change Your Diet and Boost Your Fertility

Are you trying to conceive? There are so many factors that go into this, and your diet is one of them. There are certain things in the diet that are considered bad for fertility and other things considered good. With a few small changes, you could see your fertility boost as well as your overall health. While some of these haven’t been scientifically proven, there are signs that these diets could help.

The Diet from the Med

Focus on foods that are found in the Mediterranean diet. These are high in fibre and low in salt, offering you a health boost even if it doesn’t help your fertility. The Med diet is also low in fat. The only oils used are those healthy ones that work towards that 10% of fat that your body could do with anyway.

Focus on the Nutrients


Your body needs a lot of nutrients to help with fertility. Folic acid is excellent, and also good for helping with the development of the baby. You’ll also want to focus on more calcium and vitamin D.

If you can’t get the nutrients in your diet naturally, you should look into vitamin products that are safe for pregnant women. Avoid anything that has vitamin A in an animal form as it could damage your chances of conceiving a baby.

Cut Out Those Trans Fats

Remember the Mediterranean diet is full of good fats. These are your non-trans fats and the ones that you want to focus on.

Cut out any of the trans ones, which usually come from refined products and vegetable or sunflower oils. Trans fats are linked to fertility problems, while monounsaturated fats are linked to boosting the chances of having a baby.

Keep Your Carbs Low

While the body needs carbs, you want to think about the amount and type that you eat. Complex carbs found in potatoes, brown rice and whole grains are good for you. Simple carbs found in refined products, white bread and white pasta are linked to health and fertility problems. They break down in the body quickly, giving a sugar boost instead of a slow release of energy.

Switch Full-Fat to Low-Fat


While low-fat options do not always mean they are good for you, they are better than opting for the full-fat varieties. This is especially the case when it comes to dairy products.

Instead of getting the full-fat milk, get skimmed where you can (semi-skimmed or 1% milk if you really need to). The full-fat varieties may help baby, but they lead to more weight gain for you and that can cause fertility problems.

Eat More Antioxidants

When chemicals enter the body, the cells are damaged and it can lead to more free radicals in your body. This is not just damaging to your overall health but can also affect your fertility.

Eat more blueberries, strawberries and even watermelon to boost the amount of antioxidants in our body. You will find fewer cells are damaged, they grow normally and you have more chances of having a healthy baby.

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