Get Back in the Mood for Exercising

No matter how long you’ve been exercising for, it gets to a point where you just don’t feel like it anymore. You know about the benefits and you know how well it’s worked so far, but you just want a few days off. The truth is you are probably getting bored, and that makes your brain tell your body that you don’t want to do it. You can improve that and get back in the mood for exercising with these effective tips.

Shorter More Effective Bursts of Energy

If you run long distances or work out for hours at a time, you may find that the exercise isn’t quite as effective as it could be. You can get the same benefit from shorter, more intense bursts of energy.

Instead of running that three mile distance at a steady pace, opt for a mile of sprinting and jogging. You could even switch to hill repetitions or do 10 minutes on the rowing machine at full intensity instead.

Interval training forces your heart rate to go up and down quickly. This helps to improve your recovery time, and encourages your body to burn more calories while you are resting.

If you keep your pace at a steady one, your heart rate will remain at the same pace the majority of the time.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

How about using technology? You likely already take your smartphone to the gym with you, but why not start using it effectively when you have it? Instead of checking your texts now and then or just for listening to music, it is time to download some apps to improve your workout sessions. There are all sorts of options available.

For those who enjoy running, there are apps that will time your distance and tell you just how far you have really run. For those who enjoy cycling or rowing you can use it for that. You can also get apps that give you full programs for your gym workouts.

Set Yourself a Challenge

Challenges are great ways for motivating your workouts. You finally have a tangible goal to work towards, and create a full training program around this challenge. It is even possible to record your progress, whether through personal journals or public online blogs.

One of the best things about challenges is that they can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be. Create one that is just right for your needs.

The trick with a challenge is to think about what will push you. Would you like to run the next marathon, or are you really interested in swimming the English Channel?

That doesn’t mean you have to get out there and commit to a large event. You can do the length of the English Channel in your local pool to start with, or do a triathlon in your own gym.

It is possible to get back in the mood for exercise. The trick is to give yourself something to work towards and start working out more efficiently.

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