Goat’s Milk?

For year’s doctors and scientists pushed people to drink cow’s milk because it was and remains a good source of vitamin D and calcium. Most often women are made to drink more milk as they are more prone to diseases like osteoporosis as they age, but what if you are allergic to cow’s milk? Are you stuck having to take giant calcium supplements the rest of your life?

Those That Are Lactose Intolerant

Thousands of people are lactose intolerant, which means they are unable to digest the enzyme lactose.

In cow’s milk there is a high concentration of this enzyme, which is why lactose intolerant people are unable to comfortably digest dairy products made with cow’s milk.


Other Cow’s Milk Allergies

Although lactose intolerance is the most common form of a milk allergy there are many others, which is why cow’s milk has received such a bad reputation and has earned a place in the “big eight” food allergies.

Most often people with a milk allergy will experience discomfort in their digestive track. This could include symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

Milk Allergies and Calcium

Scientists and doctors have found that women normally loss a lot of calcium and vitamin D throughout their child barring years.

This means that they are more prone to getting Osteoporosis and risk having frail bones as they age. It is for this reason that doctors and scientists push women to drink more milk and ingest more dairy products.

It is their hope that the increase in calcium, through the milk, will slow or stop the onset of osteoporosis.


Other Ways to Get More Calcium

If you are unable to drink cow’s milk because of an allergy, your doctor might suggest a calcium pill, but these supplements are huge and in some cases can cause more harm than good.

It is for this reason that doctors will suggest you begin to drink goat’s milk as long as it is pasteurized.

There is significantly less lactose in goat’s milk, which will make it easier for people to digest the milk and still gain the nutrition from it.

Goat’s Milk When You Are Pregnant

There are a lot of different opinions about pregnant women eating products made with goat’s milk and drinking the goat’s milk. It seems that the health professionals cannot come to an agreement on the subject.

Some say that a glass of goats milk before bed can help a pregnant women sleep, while others tell you to stay away as it could cause serious complications.


Goat’s Milk May Help You Lose Weight

Most women are always looking for the next big diet that will make them shed the pounds and look great again. As women age it tends to become harder for women to lose weight causing many of these diets to not work well.

Weight loss programs might not work, but research indicates that goat’s milk does help increase the metabolism because of the amount of Riboflavin present.

Goat’s Milk Is Similar to a Human’s Breast Milk

Most women are aware that the best food for their infants is breast milk. With this being said scientists have actually found that goat’s milk is more closely related to a human’s breast milk. This is why a human’s body does not have to work so hard to digest and absorb the nutrients form goat’s milk.

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