Reasons To Snack On Nuts Every Day

At every gas station and grocery store, there is a section dedicated to snack foods such as chips, pretzels, beef jerky, popcorn, and other snack foods. Among the dried fruit, and granola bars, there is an area that is devoted to nuts of every kind. Many women walk past the nuts because they think they are full of fat and cholesterol, but the truth is that there are many benefits of eating nuts, and each nut has a special benefit.


Almonds can be a good substitute for women who need dairy, but cannot drink milk due to being lactose intolerant.

Along with being high in calcium, almonds also contain a lot of vitamin E, which is good for keeping a woman’s skin healthy.



Brazil nuts:

Eating Brazil nuts can help a woman who gets sick a lot. The nuts are good source of selenium, which can help with a weak immune system.

A small bag of Brazil nuts can give a woman all the selenium she needs to boost up her immunity and keep her from getting sick all the time.


Cashews are often found in some Asian dishes because they can add flavor to anything from meat to noodles.

For women who are suffering from anemia issues, cashews can help them get them the iron they need to get their body producing more red blood cells. Cashews are also full of protein, which can be beneficial to a woman that chooses to live a vegetarian lifestyle.




Hazelnuts contain homocysteine, which is an amino acid that women who have heart problems have too much of in their blood.

By making hazelnuts a part of their diet, those high levels of homocysteine can be reduced to a much more normal and manageable level.


Native to Hawaii, the macadamia nut is full of good fats that can keep a woman’s body healthy. Though they are a little on the expensive side, macadamia nuts can come in regular or covered in chocolate.

Also, macadamia nuts are a good source of fiber, and that fiber will help make a woman regular and her digestive system function properly. Despite their cost, there are a lot of healthy benefits to eating macadamia nuts.




Pecans contain the same kind of healthy fats as things like avocadoes. The healthy fat can help a woman with high cholesterol lower her numbers. Also, pecans contain a sigh source of vitamin B, and this vitamin can be more energizing to a woman than coffee or energy drinks and be a much healthier alternative.

Some women have an adverse reaction to the ingredients in energy drinks, and can cause heart palpitations and dizziness.


Walnuts are a very healthy nut, and have omega-3 fatty acids just like fish does. Omega-3 fatty acids are useful to the body because they can lower high cholesterol, keep the heart healthy, prevent stroke, and countless other benefits.

Doctors usually recommend that women get their omega-3 fatty acids from fish, but not every woman enjoys eating fish.

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