Top Fruits That Help You Lose Weight

Fruit is great for weight loss, but some are high in natural sugars. While you still need to eat in moderation, you can fill up on certain items. They are great for weight loss. Here are the top fruits to add to your diet.


Despite the higher sugars and acid, grapefruits are excellent for weight loss. They’re known as negative calorie fruits because they use up more calories digesting them than you get from eating them.

They’re also delicious and work really well for breakfast, as well as being full of vitamin C to starve off colds and viruses. Grapefruits before a meal are also great because they help to boost the metabolism, so you burn more with each meal.




Apples are high in fibre, boosting your digestive system and making you feel better. They are also low in calories and sugars, so they’re good for snacking on and adding into your meals.

It doesn’t matter which type of apple you use either, although things like Granny Smith apples tend to have a sweeter bite and are good for cooking.


When you want an energy boost, pick up a banana instead of a chocolate bar. Bananas are recommended by all the best athletes because of the amount of potassium and other great minerals in them.

They are also full of vitamin B6, which can be difficult to source in other foods. B6 reduces the risk of heart disease and helps to improve your immune system. You only really need one banana a day. Anymore and you may struggle with your weight loss.




Strawberries are high in natural sugars, so you want to eat them in moderation. However, they are also great for weight loss. They help with the produce of fat-burning hormones, which means you get to lose weight quicker and easier.

They also boost the metabolic rate, so you burn more calories during the day. You can have bigger portions or use the extra calories to create a bigger calorie deficit.


Blueberries are full of antioxidants. In fact, they are the best common fruit for antioxidants. These are great for weight loss and future health benefits. Studies have shown that they fight the fat cells, while helping to avoid free radicals which can cause cancer.

They’re only small, but can be eaten in so many different ways. Add them to your porridge or bake them in your own muffins and enjoy the tastes.




Coconuts can be eaten fresh, or they can be added into milk and oils to create healthier and more delicious options. Coconuts are great for weight loss because they improve the liver’s metabolic rate.

Research shows that this rate is improved by 30 percent! At the same time, the fruit is full of saturated fats—and the good types. It’s not stored by the body, but used by it for energy. Your body needs a little fat on a daily basis, especially the healthy ones.

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