6 Things Guys Want in a Long Term Girlfriend

Girlfriends and one-night stands are very different. Guys want someone fun, flirty and adventurous in a one-night stand, but this isn’t something appealing for relationships. If you want a guy that will become your boyfriend, you need to know what he’s looking for in you. Here are the main traits he wants.

He Wants You to be Honest

Men want a woman who is going to be honest with them in their relationship. He doesn’t want to constantly ask if you’re lying about who you spent last night with or whether you’re really going on that holiday with your girlfriends.

The best way you can show you’re honest is by not playing hard to get and telling him what you want.


You Need to be Friendly

While he still wants fun and sexy, he also wants someone who is friendly.

He wants to know that he can feel happy with you for the rest of his life, and that you’re going to care for him in the future. However, he still wants someone fun and who will make him laugh!

Someone Who Will be Loyal

This works with the honesty factor. He wants someone that he can trust throughout the relationship. That means he doesn’t want you flirting with others, at least in front of him!

If he constantly questions whether you’re going to come home to him, he’s going to start looking for other woman to spend the rest of his life with. The last thing you want is him wondering when you’re going to hurt him.


He Wants a Good Time

He wants to be able to have a good time with you, and that doesn’t just mean in the bedroom. He wants someone he can have a laugh with and someone who’s not afraid to be daring.

He wants to be able to hang out with you in the house and go out on dates that don’t make him keep looking at his watch for when it will end.

He Needs to Know You Care for Him

When he tells you there’s a problem or when he wants to open up to you, he wants to feel secure that you’re not going to make fun of him.

It can be really difficult for men to open up and express their feelings, but that doesn’t stop him from needing a girlfriend who really does care for him.

It also means he wants to feel like you care how simply things have been, like how his day has been.


Someone He Can Protect

It’s a human instinct for men to want to protect their women. They want to feel like you need them, although not too much! When you say you need them, they also want to feel like it is genuine.

It could be opening up about something in your past, or something as simply like fixing something in your home.

You need to be careful about how needy you seem—constantly calling them and getting them to do things makes them wonder if they’re dating a child.

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