Why Spinning Is a Must for Your Fitness Routine

Are you looking for a different exercise to add to your daily fitness routine? You want something fast that will really burn the calories. It is time to think about joining a spin class. Spinning is great fun, and perfect for anyone’s fitness routine. Here are six reasons why you need to add it to your routine today.

It Adds the Intensity to Your Workout

One thing your workout is missing is intensity. This gets your heart racing, your muscles pumping and your body working. Your metabolism will get such a shock that it kick starts to burn the calories you’ve been holding on to.

Your muscles will soon tone, and that bum will finally see the fat burning away.

It’s Not Torture on Your Back

Most intense workouts really hurt your back. This isn’t good, especially if you’re on your feet all day. Spinning is relatively easy on your back because you’re sitting down for it. It’s cycling, so all the pressure is on your thighs.

You won’t have the pressure on your knees either considering the way you will sit on the back. There’s the odd period where you stand on the bike now and then, but it’s nothing too damaging.

You Won’t Get Bored

There is no chance that you will get bored doing this exercise.

The instructor will continually shout the orders, and there is no chance to get used to a specific type of exercise during the class. The constant change is also good for your body, since the muscles don’t have a chance to get used to the routine. Worried about each week’s routine being the same? There’s no need because there are plenty of different ones.

You Have Control

Yes, the instructor will tell you to add more resistance, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it.

You have more control than you think. This is great if you’re recovering from an injury and need to take it slower than most. It is worth talking to your instructor to let him know you need to take it a little easier.

Push Yourself Further

You even have the choice of pushing yourself further with each session. You can start on a higher resistance if you want, or you can keep it low.

You can put more effort in on the days that you have the energy, or keep it relatively soft-paced on the days that you’re really struggling. Play to your own capabilities, without worrying about what others think of you.

The Music Is Always Pumping

There is always music playing while you’re working out. And the music is always fast-paced and ready to help you push yourself further.

This is great for those who find their iPod music just isn’t that great by the time they get into the gym. They music is there to get you in the mood and to help you push yourself when you really want to burn those calories.

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