Why You’re Not Losing Weight Yet

Have you been losing weight for a while and now gotten stuck? Maybe you’ve just not managed to start successfully. It’s common to think that the diet isn’t for you, and move onto the next. However, it could be that you’re getting yourself stuck without even realising. It could be your mindset, or something you haven’t realised that your body needs. Here are six reasons you’re not losing weight yet.

You’re Not Eating Enough

Strangely enough, you may be dropping your calories too much. This is extremely common with crash diets. You cut out so many calories that you stop losing weight after a couple of weeks.

This is because your metabolism has changed to suit your diet. It worries that it won’t get the calories again, so slows down. This actually leads to you gaining a lot of weight after the diet.

You’ve Cut Out Too Much Food

Some diets encourage you to cut out certain food groups. However, your body needs them and can stop you from losing weight if you don’t eat them. Healthy fats and complex carbohydrates are fine to eat in moderation.

You can even have chocolate now and then. If you cut a certain type of food out, your body will start to crave it until you give in; and you will usually have a blow out!

You’re Not Preparing Your Meals

If you don’t prepare your meals beforehand, you run the risk of just ordering takeout or snacking while you wait. If you know you’ll be short on time one day, why not prep everything beforehand?

You could even cook everything at the weekend and freeze it. That way, you just have to pull it out and reheat it when it comes to needing the meal.

You’re Not Eating the Right Foods

You’re feeling tired and think you need a pick me up. What do you reach for? The biscuits!

This isn’t going to help you lose weight. You need to start focusing on eating the right foods. Don’t opt for the chocolate biscuits and the cookies. You want to eat fruits and vegetables. These will fill you up, give you the energy boost and give you the sweet taste that you’re craving.

You Make Bad Choices When Out

You’re out with friends and they order dessert after dinner. You feel obliged to do the same, without really thinking about your diet. It’s time to stop doing that. The next time you’re out with friends, really think about whether the dessert is really worth it.

If you really want it and are still hungry, look for something that is lower in calories. You could also ask a friend to share, or ask about getting half a portion instead. If you can do without, that’s even better!

You’re Getting the Cravings

You crave things like chocolate and sweets, and instantly reach for them.

You need to find the fine line between giving in and blowing out. It is okay to have chocolate now and then, and that should actually stop the cravings. If you do get the cravings, you can tell your body that it will get the treat soon.

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