7 Tips for Dealing with Travel Sickness

Do you find it difficult when travelling? You may find yourself feeling nauseous on a bus or struggle with the movements onboard a ship. Travel sickness affects many people but there are ways to deal with it. Here are some tips so you can actually enjoy your whole journey.

Work Out What Causes It

For some, travel sickness only occurs at certain times. You may find reading sets it off or struggle while sitting at the back of the car. If you know what sets it off, you can start making arrangements to avoid it happening in the future. If you know reading causes it, find something else to do to pass the time while travelling. If you know it is due to where you’re sitting in the car, talk about sitting somewhere else.

Focus on the Road Ahead

Some people find that having something to focus on is better for them. This is often the road ahead when they are in a vehicle. You will be able to see the bends, which allows you to counter your positioning so they don’t feel as bad.

Eat Before Travelling

It may seem strange but eating before you set off is actually better for you. When you’re travelling on an empty stomach, you will automatically start feeling faint and possible nauseous. You don’t need a lot. Something light will help to line your stomach. If you are sick, at least there is something to bring up instead of stomach acid or bile due to an empty stomach.

Drink Water

Have a bottle of water with you and take small sips during the journey. This is beneficial because it will offer a mixture of benefits. It takes your mind off the feeling and keeps something on your stomach for a while. You can buy flavoured water if that tastes better.

Take Your Mind Off It

Find a way to take your mind off it. You may find that sleeping is the best option, and it will help your journey pass by much quicker. There may be other ways to take your mind off the feeling, like playing games or having conversations. Find whatever works best for you.

Get Some Fresh Air

If you can, get fresh air while you travelling. If you’re on a ship, get on the deck. In a car? Open the window even just a bit. When you don’t have the option, you could always ask the driver to put on the air conditioning unit to keep the air within the vehicle fresh. You may feel cold, but that is much better than feeling sick the whole time.

Have Travel Sickness Medication

You can buy medication for travel sickness in pharmacies. Take a trip in and talk to the pharmacist about the best option for your journey and when you need to take it. If there are none suitable for your severity of travel sickness, talk to your doctor who will be able to prescribe you something.

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