Keep Your Morning Routine as Quick as Possible

Wouldn’t you love to speed up your morning routine? It’s something that many people look into doing. They want to get up and out of the door in five minutes flat; that way you can sleep in! While five minutes is a stretch, it is possible to keep your morning routine as short as possible. Here are some tips to help.

Do as Much as Possible the Night Before

Start by keeping your morning routine as short as you can. You want to cut out as much as possible from first thing in the morning and try to do it before you go to bed.

There are a lot of tasks that you can do the night before, including ironing your uniform, preparing your breakfast and even laying out everything you need for the day.


Pack Your Lunch

Make sure your lunch is packed at dinner time the day before. This is a great habit to get yourself into because there is very little chance that you will forget your lunch.

By packing your own you will save money and find something healthier and within any diet restrictions that you have. These can all be very difficult to stick to if you buy on the day.

Make a List of Everything That Needs Doing

You will have certain things that must be done on a morning. Instead of moving from one to the next and have to think about them during each process, you need to make them seamless.

The best thing to do is make a list of everything that needs doing, in the order that it needs doing. Soon, this will become a habit and you won’t have to think about the tasks.


Lay Everything Out the Night Before

Whether it is your clothes, the things you need for the shower or your breakfast items, make sure everything is laid out for you. By having it all there ready to grab, you will avoid forgetting something and making your morning routine longer.

You will soon find that everything becomes such a habit that you cut down on the time it takes to do everything.

Consider Showering the Night Before

You could cut your morning routine down by doing your shower tasks the night before. Shave your legs and wash your hair before you get into bed. You can then put it up so it is untangled when you wake up.

This instantly cuts a good half an hour from your morning routine, if not more. You could have that extra half an hour in bed instead.


Get the Children to Check Everything the Night Before

Get your children into the habit of checking that their bags are packed with everything the night before. This is especially important for homework, permission slips and gym kit—the most common items forgotten.

If you can pack the lunch in the bag overnight (ie. It doesn’t need to be placed in the fridge) do this too.

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