Top Ways to Make Your Workplace Comfortable

Whatever type of job you do, your workplace isn’t designed for comfort. Considering you spend at least eight hours a day in most cases at work, you want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. This means making a few changes and focusing on your health. Here are some tips to help you, especially if you have an office job.

Walk Around For Five Minutes Every Hour

Sitting for long periods of time each day is bad for you. You need to walk around for five minutes each hour to stretch your legs.

If you know your boss will frown on aimlessly walking around, arrange for something to do for those five minutes. It could be to make the office (and your boss) a coffee or just take a toilet break.

Make Sure Your Computer Is at the Right Level

When sitting at the desk, you need to make sure that the computer system is at the right level. Your elbows should be bent and your arms should rest nicely on the desk.

Your screen should be at eye level, so there is no need to strain your neck or your eyes. Bad computer placement is the number one reason for most headaches and comfort problems.

Use the 20/20/20 Rule

Every 20 minutes, you should look at an object that is 20 metres away from you for 20 seconds.

This is enough time to rest your eyes from the glare of the screen. 20 seconds isn’t going to take a lot out of your day and will be worthwhile when you come home with fewer headaches and workplace stress.

Stop Slouching While at Work

Whether you’re walking around, sit all day or do a mixture, you need to have good posture. When sitting, avoid slouching at all times. It is not good for your back or hips and will not be comfortable in the long run.

If you need help with your posture, buy a back rest for your chair. These stop you from slouching and they support the arch in your back.

Invest in a Quality Keyboard

Laptops are great but if you use the keyboards regularly, you will suffer from problems like RSI. There is no support for your wrists and you usually need to keep your hands up and out of the way of the mouse pad.

Invest in a decent keyboard that will plug into your computer. You could also buy pads that are placed under your keyboard to offer support for your wrists. Look at mouse pads too that have these rests for support.

Avoid Crossing Your Legs

When sitting, you want to keep both feet flat on the floor. This helps your posture in the long run but will also prevent you from twisting your hips.

If you can’t reach the floor properly, invest in a footstool that you can place your feet on or lower your seat if that is possible. It is worth it in the end for a comfortable seating position.

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