Get Your Garden Ready for the Cold Weather

Winter is going to be here before you know it. It can be a beautiful time with the snow but that cold weather really destroys plants and gardens. You need to get your garden ready now so it will be easy to get back to its beauty next summer. Here are some great tips to get ready for the cold winter weather.

Maximise the Sunlight to Your Greenhouse

You may have placed shading over your greenhouse during the summer to avoid too much sunlight and heat. However, this needs to be removed during the winter.

The nights are getting longer and the sun isn’t out as much. Allow your greenhouse plants to get as much sunlight as possible.



Tidy Up Your Garden

Use this time to get rid of the dying plants and replace them with those perfect for the autumn weather. There are a lot of ideas, including pansies and wallflowers.

When you get rid of the dying plants, put them on the compost heap. You will be able to gain more use out of them and create a natural compost for your garden.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning in the autumn? Isn’t it the wrong time of year? Not when it comes to the greenhouse!

This is the perfect time to clear out the dying plants and sweep out the debris on the floor. Make it the perfect space to encourage the other plants to grow.



Maintain Your Lawn

It can be hard to get out and mow the lawn during the autumn and winter so use the dryer weather while you can.

This will limit the work you need to do when the spring rolls round and keeps it looking pretty during the colder weather. You will also need to remove the moss and thatch around the area.

Use Your Compost

You will have a lot of material to put into your compost bin so now is the time to clear it out. Use it around your garden and add it around the garden.

This will give you all your plants the nutrition they need, while creating space in the compost bin for the plants and materials that you clear out during spring cleaning.



Use Evergreens Around Your Garden

Some plants and flowers are just better for surviving the winter months.

They can really make your garden look beautiful during the cold weather so you appreciate it more—even if you can’t get out in it as much as you’d like. You will never be stuck for options when it comes to these great plants.

Add a Net Over Your Pond

Catch the leaves that fall so they don’t turn your pond mushy or black and foul. This is really easy with a mesh net. Make sure it covers the whole pond.

Even if you don’t have trees around the area, it’s worth putting a net over it. The wind can blow leaves from all over the place. The net makes it easy to pull the leaves out and they can be placed straight into your compost heap.

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