Simple Habits for a Cleaner House

Wouldn’t you love a cleaner house without too much work? It sounds like a dream, but it can become a reality. The trick is developing some habits that will help you with this process. Here are some habits to help you get the clean house that you deserve.

Vacuum Once a Day

The areas that get the most foot traffic will end up the dirtiest. You may be tempted to wait until the end of the week, but it’s worth vacuuming these areas at the end of each day. Just five minutes with the cleaner and you will be able to save hours of cleaning at the weekend. You can leave the lighter traffic areas for one or twice a week. Invest in a lightweight vacuum cleaner for this.

Remove Shoes

Stop walking around the house in your shoes, and ask guests to remove them too. This will limit the amount of dirt and mud that is tracked through your home. If you have a pet, you may find that it is pointless trying to do this, but by removing them you are still limiting the amount you have to clean up. You don’t need your shoes on in the house. Have a pair of slippers waiting for you when you get home. If you need shoes for the garden, have a specific pair waiting for you at the backdoor.

Clean Surfaces on a Daily Basis

You don’t need to get the industrial cleaners out, but wipe down your surfaces on a daily basis. This is especially a necessity in your bathroom and kitchen. You will not only make your weekly cleans easier, but you reduce the risk of mould, bacteria and germs spreading around the house and between people. This can also reduce the dust that collects, making your air cleaner.

Remove Things from the Fridge

Before you do your grocery shop, go through your fridge and freezer. Remove everything that has gone off and wipe the surfaces down. This will help to avoid anything being left to go mouldy and make the whole fridge stink. Doing it before you leave for your food shop will mean you can quickly put everything away when you return.

Watch Out for the Over-Boilers

Pans can over-boil and they cause issues on the stove. Before you even get to the issue, watch out for them. If something looks like it is about to boil over, turn off the heat and remove the pan (wear oven gloves to do this if you need to). You will soon find your stove easier to clean!

Put Your Products Where You Can Reach Them

There’s no point having your bleach in the cupboard under the stairs and your washing up liquid in the bathroom. Put the products you need in the room that you need them, and somewhere that you can reach. You are more likely to use them instead of using the difficult to get to them as an excuse not to clean.

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