The Joys of Children: Permanent Marker on the Wall

Children are great but they really get up to mischief. Permanent marker on walls, windows and doors is one of the most common complaints of parents with pre-school aged children. Repainting the walls and doors is one option but what if you could remove it all? You will limit the amount of work you have to do and restore your walls and doors.

Start as Soon as Possible

Don’t wait to start working on this. The sooner you do it, the easier it will be to get off. Focus on a small area first to see if a cleaner is going to work. The last thing you want is to use something that cleans the marker pen off but damages your doors, windows or walls. Find a mild cleaner first to start with.

Scrub but with Care

Scrubbing will be a necessary part of this but you need to be careful. Paint will usually be removed through scrubbing. If you’re trying to get it off a window, you could scratch the glass so be very careful on this part.

Try Some Rubbing Alcohol

The best thing for removing permanent marker is rubbing alcohol. Wear a pair of gloves so you don’t damage your hands. It may lighten the colour at first but after a few attempts, you will start to see it fade and your walls will start to look normal. Again, focus on a small area first and then gradually work on larger spots when you know it works.

Use an Abrasive Item for Scrubbing

Try a scrub with something abrasive on it. Don’t use this on glass though as it will damage the material. You will need to be careful and do a little at a time. It usually works most of the colour out but you want to protect the paint on the walls. Once you get most of it out, using an alcohol-based cleanser on the scrub will usually get the last little bit of colour out.

Try Baby Oxy or Another OxyCleaner

There are a lot of OxyCleaners out there and Baby Oxy is one of them. While it is mainly for clothes, it can remove almost anything. Try it on your walls if you find scrubbing is just damaging them. It is also suitable for the windows and door’s woodwork. You will need to let this sit for some time so it can soak into the stain and lift it off.

Have Some Patience

It isn’t going to happen within a few minutes. Have some patience and don’t be afraid to try different products. There are differences in type of paint and pens used for colouring on the walls, which is why some work of some but not others.

Consider Repainting

If you really can’t get the stains off, you may need to consider redecorating. If it is a small area on the walls or doors that no-one is really going to see, consider just repainting that area. However, if it is a large area, you will need to redecorate everywhere.

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