Alternative Materials to Make Flower Pots

If you ran out of pots at home, or just don’t like the usual solutions, you can let your imagination free. We show you a few things that can be used to create a new pot. With a little more creativity, these seven tips give you far more ideas!

Pot String

It can be really boring when those pots are just sitting and staring at each other on a flat surface. But with approx. five of them you can make a string!

Drill a hole on the bottoms an big as a broomstick handle, fill with soil, plant some flowers in, and then you are ready! The more various are the sizes, the more interesting the result is.


Wellington Boots

Give a new life to your boring and ugly wellingtons! They make really cozy pots. If you like its original color, you won’t have much work with it, but if not, just grab a waterproof paint.

Punch a hole in the bottom of the boot in some places. Place it on the land, and plant an eye-catching flower in it.


You can make use of your ragged old jeans as an alternative pot.

Split it up so that you get larger pieces of fabric, stitch them to shape, put a plastic flower holder with fitting size in it, and fill with soil. It seems really cool, doesn’t it?



Gift baskets, after emptying, usually go to the attic or out with the trash. But you can turn them into really nice pots as well very easily. Grab a transparent bag, which is roughly the size of the basket and put into it.

Then fill it with earth, and make a hole on the bottom where the braid will allow. Plant in something beautiful, and you are ready.

Canvas Bag

Weary canvas bags, or even ruined purses can become fantastic pots. In case of permeable material, you just have to fill it with earth. If not, make a hole on the bottom.

With straps let on, you can hang them up anywhere and create an impressive home to your favorite runner.


Water Pipe

Thicker plastic pipes can be pretty planters. They must be abolished to their surfaces, because it is not too flashy.

You may do this with some painting, or sticking pebbles or mosaic tiles on. Then fill them with earth and put some flowers in!

Old Jug, Teapot or Cup

One of the best solutions is to make use of old chipped cups and jugs is to create pots. You just have to drill holes on their undersides, and it’s done.

If you wish, you can also paint them, although the original color makes them much more attractive alternatives.


Cans, Metal Buckets

Metal retainers can become great pots. Puncture the bottoms, then fill with soil and plant in the desired flowers.

Small holes on the sides can be part of the decoration, for example in with heart or flower shape.

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