Product and Service Ideas for Women Starting Their Own Business

Do you want to start your own business? Having a great product or service is essential in becoming successful. It needs to be something that stands out and is needed by your target audience. Here are some ideas for finding products and services that will help you get a good start in your own company.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have assistant or receptionist experience, use it to your advantage. There are many people out there looking for virtual assistants to help them with their day-to-day lives.

You will be surprised how many businesses and freelancers hire virtual assistants to help them and you could earn yourself thousands each month by working from home.



Offer a Ghost Writing Service

Do you have a way with words? Writing services are required by many people. They want people who are willing to sell work so they can put their own name on – some go on to writing celebrity books!

Put your talent to the test and start your own ghost writing service. There are plenty of places to start!

Create Your Own Jewellery

If you have a creative side, start creating your own jewellery. People are always looking for unique and different pieces for gifts for loved ones.

You could start off with general jewellery and then start branching out into different areas, such as jewellery for men, for kids or for mums.

You could start with a smaller niche to get you off the ground and then start branching out – the choice is up to you!



Offer Furniture Restoration

People love antique furniture. The problem is after some time it looks worn, old and damaged.

If you’re good with restoration projects, offer that as a service to people. You’ll be surprised the number of people who will bring their worn down furniture for you to fix.

Offer a Research Service

People need help with research. It could be a high school student needing help with family tree research or a major firm wanting research for a new product.

If you love delving deep into the world of the internet and love reading books about previous cases, products or problems, start making money for it. Let them do the harder work and you do the bit that you enjoy – the research.



Sell Other People’s Products

Affiliate marketing is becoming one of the biggest ways to make money online. You find products that others are selling and market them.

For every sale, you gain a commission. It isn’t guaranteed for everyone but if you have a knack for selling and promoting, this could be for you.


Start a Baking Company and School

Do you love to bake? Do your friends regularly ask you to help make cakes? Start selling this talent. You could create small cakes at first and then branch out to doing weddings, christenings and other large scale events.

As you become more well-known, offer a baking school to teach others to do what you do.

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