Get Your Stroller Workout Every Day

Having a baby is a great time but it can lead you feeling overweight. Finding time to exercise isn’t the easiest with a newborn in tow but a stroller workout is highly effective. Here are some great tips to get that workout so both you and your baby enjoy it.

Get a Stable Buggy

While you want a buggy where the wheels move fairly easily, you need one that is stable for safety reasons. There are strollers that are designed for jogging.

While they cost a little extra, they are worthwhile if this is something you want to take up regularly. At first, buy a stroller that is stable and within your budget while you find out if this is something you enjoy.

Plan Your Route Beforehand

Don’t go out with the idea of choosing your route while you run. You don’t necessarily know if it is suitable for a buggy or manageable at your fitness level.

Plan your route out before you start running. You should determine how long you think it should take to make sure it works with your little ones’ schedule.

Don’t Run Before Nap/Food/Nappy Change Time

The best time to go for a run is when your little one has just woken up and has eaten. If you run when it’s coming up for food time or nap time, she’ll be cranky.

This won’t help you enjoy your run and you’ll feel pressured to finish it earlier or cut part of it out.

Start Off Slow

Allow yourself to build your workout up, as you would normally. Not only will this help to avoid injury, it will avoid issues that could stop you caring for your little one.

Remember that running with a buggy is going to be harder than running normally. Plan ahead for that with your route, preparing beforehand and then build up your training as you get fitter.

Think About the Weather

Plan ahead for all different types of weather. While you may be fine running in the rain, your baby will hate it and it will lead to him getting ill. Make sure you have a rain cover that is suitable for the buggy.

This will also protect against the wind. You should also make sure your baby is dressed for the weather at the time.

Pack Snacks and Toys

Treat this as any normal outing and make sure you have snacks, toys, drinks and a change of nappy.

This will keep your little one happy the whole way round so you’re not constantly checking the clock to get back for something. It may mean stopping along the way but it will be better to get the full workout in.

Think About Your Posture

It’s easy to slump over the handle bars while running but this is bad for your posture. Focus on your posture you so get the maximum benefit.

You won’t hurt as much afterwards and will be able to enjoy the time with your little one.

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