Help Your Children Be Happier in the Morning

Wouldn’t you love a peaceful and easy morning? If you have children, you may feel like that will never happen, but the truth is it can. The trick is helping your children feel happier from the moment they wake up. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Soothingly Wake Her

Instead of having the alarm set, go into your child’s room and wake her up soothingly. You know how much that alarm can make you jump, especially if you’re in a deep sleep. It puts you off the rest of your day. Get up earlier than your children and go in to wake her up in a way that puts her in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Give Her Something to Look Forward To

The night before, give her something to look forward to the next morning. When she wakes up, she’ll remember what that thing is and will be excited for it.

It could be her favourite breakfast or you may be treating her to something after school. This doesn’t have to happen every day of the week, and if you do it too much she may get too used to it. Watch out!

Go Through the Good Things During the Day

While you’re waking her up, go through all the good things that will be happening today. Talk to her about her favourite lessons in school, the activities you have planned for the afternoon and whether you’re putting her favourite dinner together for the evening.

All of this will give her something to look forward to at different parts of the day.

Choose the Clothes the Night Before

Unless it’s a school uniform day, let her pick out the clothes she wants to wear. And do this the night before. When she wakes up, one of the first things to think about is what she will wear for the day. If the clothes have already been picked, she’ll be put in a better mood. It’s also easier for you because you know she has everything that she wants to wear—like those tights that she wanted washing but hid under the bed last week!

Choose Her Breakfast the Night Before

Like the clothes, let her choose her breakfast the night before. This is another great way to give her something to look forward to, while making your life a lot easier.

You can usually prepare things the night before, so her breakfast is waiting to be cooked. You may even make the breakfast before you go to wake her, so it’s all waiting for her.

Let Your Pet Wake Her

If you have a pet that likes to jump around, send him in to wake your child. Your son or daughter may pretend to hate it, but really she loves that unconditional love that comes from a dog or cat.

And the animal is more likely to do something funny that puts your child in a better mood for the rest of the day.

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