Tips to Handle Your Fly Away Hair

If your hair is quite fine, you’ll find that controlling the wispy bits can be quite hard. If it’s thick, you may have issues with frizz now and then. Both problems are annoying, but they can both be controlled through the same methods. Here are some tips to handle your fly away hair.

Buy Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Think about your shampoo the next time you’re buying some. It’s common to go for the same brand you’re used to, look for the cheapest on offer or choose something based on scent.

However, the shampoo isn’t necessarily right for your hair type. Look at the type of problems the shampoo is supposed to help control and find one that suits your exact hair type.

Invest in a Quality Brush

brush-blonde-hairThe brush often causes static, so invest in one that is high in quality. You want to avoid the plastic bristles as much as possible or at least look for those that have rubber tips.

Not only are these better for your hair, they’re more comfortable to use. A comb is also a good thing to opt for if you regularly brush while your hair is wet.

Replace the Brush as Necessary

Broken bristles are also going to cause an issue, no matter how expensive your brush was. You will need to replace your brush when the bristles get damaged. Just one out of place bristle can make all the different with fly away hair.

If you don’t want to replace your brush that often, take steps to protect it and the bristles. Don’t try to drag it through your tangled hair—it’s going to hurt, damage your hair and break your brush!

Look Out for Serums

There are plenty of serums designed to help with all sorts of hair problems. Look for ones that are designed to help with wispy or frizzy hair.

Check the ingredients before you purchase anything and put anything back that says it contains alcohol. This dries out the hair and makes the problem even worse.

Use a Toothbrush

ToothbrushThis may seem a little strange, but a soft toothbrush is great for applying your serums. It’s smaller than your finger, and easier to use on a difficult angle.

You will be able to focus on placing the brush in the exact spots that are causing a problem when you’re out.

Don’t Overdo the Heat

The heat is bad for your hair. You know that; that’s why you have heat protection spray. However, the heat makes your hair fly away, even with protection spray.

Try to avoid blow drying, straightening irons and curling tongs as much as possible.

Think About Your Clothes

Certain materials cause static more than others. Wool is one of the most problematic, but really anything that goes over your head is going to be an issue.

Try to limit the use of jumpers that go over the head and choose cardigans or jackets to keep you warm instead.

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