How to Get A Man To Propose

For a woman, nothing is more frustrating than a boyfriend that refused to propose. If a couple has been together for more than two years, then it may be time to either break up or take the next step. There are ways that a woman can gently nudge her longtime boyfriend to finally pop the question.

Start a Casual Conversation:

Mutual friends that have gotten engaged recently may be just the catalyst a woman needs to gently bring up the topic.

If a woman just makes a few comments about the situation, she may get some reactions from her boyfriend, which will tell her if the man in her life is the marrying kind or not.


Talk About the Future:

If a woman lives with her man in an apartment, this may be a chance to talk about moving to another place, and throwing in a few key words about the future.

Talking about getting a house can be a perfect way to talk about things like marriage. If the subject is quickly changed, or avoided all together, than he may not be the kind of man that wants to get married.

Talk About His Reluctance:

If the subject if marriage comes up, and he would rather talk about something else, this is a woman’s chance to find out what the problem is. Why is he afraid of marriage?

This is the chance for a man and woman to talk about marriage, and if his reluctance is based on something minor than the two people can work it out.


Take Him Shopping:

The mall is a great place to bring up the subject of marriage. A woman can pass by a jewelry store and see a beautiful wedding ring and point it out to her boyfriend.

A white dress in a window might also be an open door to talk about marriage.

Avoid Nagging Him:

Marriage can be a tricky subject for any man.

If a woman is constantly talking about getting married, it will seem like nagging, which is going to make him not want to do it.


Hang Around With Married Friends:

A nice quiet way to plant the seed of marriage in your boyfriend’s head is to hang around with people that are married.

Actions can speak louder than words, and seeing two people who are truly happy because they are married is to going to show that reluctant boyfriend that marriage is not the end of the world.

Do Not Fight About It:

The worst thing a woman can do is get into a fight with her boyfriend about marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing to happen to two people, and fighting about it is not going to make it happen.

One fight about marriage can lead to more fights, and suddenly the happy couple is fighting all the time about something that should bring them closer together.

A couple that has been together for more than two years should think about getting married. However, if a woman really wants her boyfriend to propose, there are a few things she can do to steer the conversation toward marriage.

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