Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s the day to show someone how much you love them and you can do that through gifts. When it comes to gifts for men it can be really hard. Here are some quick ideas that he is sure to love.

Have Something Personalised

It doesn’t matter what you get him as long as you’re showing him that you care. If you’re on a tight budget, a card with a loving personalised note is often enough. However, if you want to spend a little more, think about something that lets you put a personalised message on. It could be a chain or a hip flask or even a special message in a book that he’s always wanted.

A Candy Bra

No, this isn’t something for him to wear but he will enjoy it. It’s something for you to put on and then he gets to eat it off you. This could be good fun for the bedroom and could even be spaced out over a few nights to make the most of this unique and fun gift. There are also g-string and men underwear versions available.

Board Games for Couples

There are plenty of board games for couples out there. Some of the ideas include Monogamy and Nookii. Some of these are designed to be played in the bedroom, while others are just fun adult versions of some of the most loved family board games around.

Reward Booklet

Does he deserve a reward of his choice now and then? Get him a small reward booklet. This is full of tokens that he can pull out and use when he wants. You can have all sorts of fun with this by letting him write the details or you setting the terms before he uses them. Get wild, adventurous and silly and make your own to keep the budget down.

An Adventure Day

Would he love a day on the driving range? Maybe a skydiving experience is something that he’d love. Why not get him one of these adventure or experience days for his Valentine’s Day. They’re fun and don’t have to cost a fortune, and can be used whenever he wants in most cases. You will need to check the terms and conditions before you choose anything and make sure it is something he is interested in! Look out for things that you can do as a couple to really make it special.

A Day for Him

Treat him to a day just for him. You could be he “slave” for the day, doing everything that he wants without question. If you opt for that, you may want to set some ground rules before you let him get into it. If you don’t want to quite be the slave-girl, you could just make him breakfast in bed, serve him tea or coffee throughout the day and cook him a delicious dinner. After that, think about the special treat he can have at the end of the night.

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