Top 7 Ideas for Exercising

You know that exercising is good for you, but the whole idea of the word sends shivers down your spine. The trick is to do something that you know you will enjoy and you want to keep doing. That will be the only way you keep doing it to get all the health benefits. Here are some fun ideas for exercising.

Go Swimming

Try swimming instead of other cardiovascular activity. This is suitable for most people, including those who find it difficult to do exercise.

The water will take your weight and it can make those who have injuries find exercise possible and enjoyable. One of the biggest benefits is that you will work the majority of the muscles in your body, whatever stroke you decide to do.



Join a Fitness Class

Who said that you had to exercise alone? There are plenty of fitness classes for all levels, and you can get a social side of things.

You could join a spinning class if you want a high intensity option, or you could choose Zumba if you like dancing. Try a few to find one that you really enjoy and a leader you can follow.

Take Up Dancing

Dancing is fun and will keep you fit. There are different types of dancing too, including pole dancing!

There are many dance centres that offer adult classes, whether you want to take up tap classes or street dancing is something that appeals to you. Contact the different dance schools to find out if they offer anything.



Military Style Classes

If you want something that is going to push you a little more, military style classes could be something to consider.

These are great for those who love circuits and don’t mind an ex-military teacher shouting orders. Most of these classes are done outside in a local park.

Buggy-Fit Classes

If you have a child still in a buggy, why not try buggy-fit sessions? These get you and your baby out of the house, and you get to socialise with other mums at the same time.

Many of them are in your local park, but some are held in centres depending on the type of class you attend. There are different stages for different levels of fitness and depending on how long ago you gave birth.



Join a Sports Team

There are adult sports teams in the area, whether you enjoy football, basketball or even tennis. If you can’t find one that suits you, talk to your friends and get everyone together.

You just need one or two nights a week and you will be able to feel the benefits. The best part is it is another social form of exercise to do.


Take Up Yoga

Yoga and Pilates are fun forms of exercises that are relaxing at the same time. They’re more for flexibility and stretching, but they will help to build your core muscles.

Look out for courses for the different types of yoga or Pilates to find something that suits you.

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