Ideas For an Outdoor Wedding During The Winter Season

A winter wedding can open the door for things that the bride and groom have always wanted to do. To make the wedding more fun and interesting, there are some things that the bride and groom can do that will make their wedding special and unique. Here are 7 ideas for a memorable winter wedding that everyone will enjoy attending and will always remember.

Unusual invitations:

Because the couple wants an outdoor wedding even in the winter, the invitations can be unusual to reflect the outdoor theme. One interesting way to make invitations is to use paper snowflakes with the information on them or even thin pieces of wood that can fit into an envelope.

The theme of snow and ice for decorating:

Since the snow is white, it is a natural choice to use for the wedding in terms of decoration. A tent can be set up, and inside of it the decorating theme can be everything involving white. If the wedding does take place in December, than the Christmas decorations can come in handy especially the trees and lights.

Taking advantage of the natural setting:

A couple that wants their winter wedding in the woods is going to have plenty of natural items that can be used. Things like tree branches and pine cones can be placed inside the tent, and any other natural items as well to give the wedding as much of a natural look and feel as possible.

Winter foods can be served:

In keeping up with the winter wedding, foods that may seem too simple can fit in just right. The bride and groom may want things like a bar where the guests can choose from a variety of different soups.

Warm beverages can be available instead of alcohol:

While alcohol is the beverage of choice for every wedding, the couple may want to stick to the winter theme and forego the alcohol in favor of things like hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and other beverages that will keep everyone warm and comfortable.

Warmer wedding attire:

Dressing fancy is part of every wedding, but for a wedding in the winter those fancy dresses can get a new twist with things like fur coats, fur hats, scarves and gloves. To keep with the wedding theme, a bride can make sure that all her winter gear is white. When it comes time for a group photo, everyone can be wearing these hat, coats, and scarves to make for a really fun photo of the bride, groom, and all of their friends and family.

Photographs left up to everyone:

Along with the pine cones and snowflakes, an inexpensive digital camera can be placed on each wedding table. With everyone having their own camera, the bride and groom can let everyone know that they are responsible for taking the photos for the wedding. With all the guests having their own cameras, the wedding album will be truly a compilation of love because everyone will be taking pictures from their own points of view, and the photos they take will be unique and special.

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