As a woman, you’re no doubt defined by a number of things, and your career is probably one of the most significant of them. Most working women are proud of the careers they build, so when a setback occurs, it can be hard to bounce back. However, there are severalRead More →

Think your boss tells you everything? Maybe you think you’re ready for that promotion coming up. While he may tell you you’re a great member of the team, there are things that he’s leaving out of your conversations. There are decisions he makes based on various activities, inside and outsideRead More →

Everyone makes excuses for the things that happen. At times they are legitimate reasons but in the end they are just excuses. You need to take accountability for something happening, going wrong or not working out quite how you planned. If you’re struggling to stop making excuses, here are someRead More →

Getting naked in front of a man can be a scary thought. So many women have insecurity issues when it comes to this. You may think you’re too fat or too thin. You may worry about those stretch marks from having a baby. The truth is he doesn’t care! Here’sRead More →

Who are you…Really? What is your inherent purpose in life? What are your goals in life? What do you aspire to become? Who do you aspire to be? Food for thought isn’t it? From the time we begin to become self-aware we form basic ideologies. These ideologies take us throughRead More →