You’re going away for a mini-break or a long needed vacation. The problem is as soon as you get there you start arguing. It could be over small things or one major problem that has happened. This doesn’t have to ruin your holiday. Before you go, understand the most commonRead More →

Fairytales give this unrealistic view that once you’re in a relationship your life is easy. That’s really not the case. Just like finding Mr. Right is hard, keeping him is just as bad. You both need to work at your relationship and it can become difficult at times. However, difficultRead More →

You’ll hear that communication is essential if you want a strong and healthy relationship. It’s all well and good saying it, but how do you know whether you’re communicating effectively? You may talk all the time, but that doesn’t mean you’re on the way to a healthy and good relationship.Read More →

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When you have someone yelling at you, it’s really easy to think you need to yell back. How else is the person going to hear you? The problem is that this will make the situation worse. The best thing you can do is take a step back and breathe. YouRead More →