How to Get a Career in IT

IT still seems to be a man’s world. However, more and more women are breaking into it. They can choose to be software developers, alpha testers or even in the support side of things. Here are some tips to help you get a career in this busy area.

Get the Skills to Succeed

You will need to assess your skills and make sure you have the right ones for a job in IT. Just because you can work Microsoft Office perfectly, doesn’t mean you can troubleshoot problems—you never know what the question will be.

You need to prove to an employer that you are worthy of the role; no matter what type of role you do.



Don’t Panic About Being a Woman

Being a woman will not mean that you’re looked down on. If you actually look at the people who work for the company, you may find that there are more females than you expected.

Not all employers will instantly hire a male over a female due to the nature of the role so stop worrying about it.

Spruce Up Your CV

Make sure your CV stands out. It should tell the employer clearly why you’re perfect for the role based on your skills.

Increase your schooling and go into some detail about how you helped your current company or the things you did during your college modules that make you perfect. The CV is the first thing an employer sees and often the reason so many are rejected.



Consider Starting Your Own Business

Depending on your circumstances, you may find it worthwhile starting your own business. You could become a freelance software developer and work for small businesses and individuals.

You may offer your testing skills on an ad hoc basis. You may even set up a small firm of your own to troubleshoot IT problems.

Dress for the Role

When it comes to interviews, dress perfectly for the role. This is not the time to show off your cleavage! Wear a shirt or top that covers everything up and a skirt that goes to your knees.

You may find that a trouser suit is your best option to avoid many faux pas that women do. Avoid too much make up and jewellery so you look professional and not like you are going on a night out.



Put Yourself Out There for the Jobs

Stop worrying about your skills or your gender! People want the best for their roles and you could be that one person.

Put yourself out there and get the confidence to apply for anything and everything going. The more you apply for, the more chances there are of getting an employer who will give you a chance.


Keep Up to Date with the Technology World

Focus on the technology news and stay up to date with it. This shows that you really are interested in the area and will exceed expectations.

You could talk about the latest news relating to the business in the interview to really show off your knowledge.

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