What Your Flight Attendants Need You to Know

You may be thinking about going somewhere over the Christmas vacation. This is great but you want to be prepared. Flight attendants see a lot of things in their time and you need to make sure you don’t cause them any hassle. The last thing you want is to be thrown off your plane or just generally not allowed on. Here are some tips to make sure your journey goes without a hitch.

Your Seat Will Affect Your Flight

If you feel nervous when you fly, you want to sit where there is less turbulence. This means sitting at the front. If you know that that screaming baby will get on your nerves, arrange for a seat at the back.

You need to think about these factors when you are booking. Some flights will allow you to pick and choose where you sit for your journey.



Place Contact Details Inside Your Luggage

This is not only beneficial for those who need to get it back to you when it is lost but it is beneficial for your safety. The tags easily get ripped off, which means your luggage may be lost forever.

Those tags can also be taken by scammers and thieves, who will know where you live and your full name; not information you want to give out. Put the information inside.

Be Polite to Your Attendants

Just because you’re having a bad day doesn’t mean you have to take it out on others. Your flight attendants are going to be serving you throughout the flight, whether it is just for the next hour or the next 10 hours.

Be nice to them and they will be nice to you. You may even find yourself with an extra bag of peanuts to munch on.



Avoid Using the Call Button Too Much

Remember that there are a lot of other passengers on your flight so try to avoid using the call button too much. If you desperately need something, then use it.

However, if it is just for a top up on your drink, consider waiting until they come along with the carriages. Attendants will usually walk up and down the aisles regularly, so you can always stop them then.

Talk to the Attendants About Big Events

Have you just gotten married? Is it someone’s birthday? Flight attendants are happy to give out announcements through the PA systems.

While there has been a crackdown, children are also still allowed to visit the cockpit, so talk to the flight attendant about this. This is extra special if they have aspirations to be a pilot one day.



Think About Your Travel Times

You need to think about the days and times that you travel. There will be more people travelling at a weekend but business people tend to travel weekday mornings and evenings.

If you want a quiet time, pick a weekday in the afternoon or opt for a middle of the night flight. Afternoons are great for those with children.

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