Using Hairspray in Multiple Ways

Using Hairspray in Multiple Ways

Every woman has at least one in her bathroom! And we bet you carry with you a travel size too. It offers your hairstyle scalable hold, shine, flexibility, nourishment and even protection from sun exposure, depending on its ingredients and qualities.

Throughout all those years of research, hairspray has evolved as one of the most versatile products in your boudoir. A vast range of options is available in the market, with even the simplest ones being real multitaskers that fix hair, beauty, and wardrobe malfunctions!


Hold & Control

This miraculous product first appeared in the 40s as a way to keep your hairstyle intact for long hours. It might have been stickier in the beginning, but today most sprays hold your hair in place without the crunchy feel. To ‘freeze’ an elaborate updo for a special occasion, use a ‘strong hold’ option.

When focusing on certain parts or strands, always keep the nozzle 30 cm away from your target. Spraying and letting the product stay on for a few minutes before using the curling iron will help you cement the result. Spray also at the finale of the process!

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