Those amazing ladies in the blogosphere taught us lately how to celebrate our natural hair texture, as such an approach is a really hot trend right now. Some of you have naturally curly hair, while others super sleek and straight. Not even a touch of brush can be necessary inRead More →

YouTube tutorials focusing on beauty have taken us by storm, with star vloggers making thousands and millions of followers along the way. With a bit of critical mind, such ‘how to’ videos can be precious, offering you detailed and visually appealing guidelines on things you can DIY or do theRead More →

The highly influential American blogger from is a natural brunette with an equally naturally looking mane that occasionally gets an ombré effect developing towards the tips. Her mission with hair, and every single element in her lifestyle, is to make women self-assured and comfortable in their own skin –Read More →

There aren’t that many girls out there sporting eye-catching headpieces by designers such as Piers Atkinson, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Maison Michel, and the likes, so we just leave this habit to the ardent fashionistas and fashion mavens, especially the bloggers. A rather distinctive hair accessory has to mix well withRead More →

We often fear that short hair deducts from our femininity or seriousness, and that it is hard to style it when frizzy and unruly. Definitely, you cannot tie it up in a ponytail or a top knot, yet you can wash and airdry it in a few minutes, skipping theRead More →

It all started at an experimental level with few bloggers, models, and fashionistas doing the so-called ‘rainbow hair’. Already ombré existed as a major trend, and discolouring techniques were kept as the last resort for those who were not happy with their natural shade. The next step was to embraceRead More →

Soft and loose curls are her signature look and bronde — instead of the initial blonde her blog was named after ( — is her current colour choice. It has a more natural feel and ideally complements her skin tone. Every now and then, with the help of prominent hairRead More →

You can’t imagine how interesting your natural texture is, because you regularly happen to squeeze it in between a flat iron’s ceramic blades or a curling-iron’s clip. Frequent styling is your way to hide the most authentic part of your looks, one that defines you equally to your eye colour andRead More →

Since the end of the highly individualist 90s catwalks and their supermodels, the trend has always been towards a uniform hairstyle for all girls walking at a certain fashion show. If one designer wants long banged hair on his models, then even those with pixie cuts wear a similar wigRead More →