Eyeliner Tips to Make Brown Eyes Stand Out

Eyeliner Tips to Make Brown Eyes Stand Out

Brown eyes are among the most common. There are many different shades, though, including hazel, dark brown and even black eyes. They can look beautiful with the right type of eyeliner and application. Here are some tips to make your brown eyes stand out in the crowd.

eyelinersGo for the Opposite Shade

If you have light hazel eyes, darker eyeliner colours will work really well to make your eyes stand out.

However, if you have darker eyes, it’s easy for the eyeliner to blend in. Opt for the opposite shades and go lighter to really make dark eyes stand out.

eyeliner-pencilChoose the Earth Based Colours

Brown is the colour of earth. This may sound obvious but it is good to know when choosing colours for your eyes. You want eyeliner that is an earth based colour.

Forget the black and opt for the browns, greens and amber colours. Blues and purples are other great options to make your brown eyes stand out.

Brown eyeliner is one of the best for your colour but work with a different shade to your eyes.

pink-eyelinerAvoid the Pinks, Reds and Light Purples

Pink, red and light purple eyeliner are big no-nos for brown eyes. These will make your face look pale and puffy.

With brown eyes, you likely have darker, yellower skin. This means that the pinks and purples will just work against your natural colour.

brown-eyes-makeupApply Your Eye Makeup First

Before applying your eyeliner, place your eye makeup on top. Unlike blue and green eyes, you don’t need that much colour to make your brown eyes stand out and you can overdo it with too much eyeliner.

You can apply your colour to the bottom lids only once the rest of your eye makeup is added.

black-gel-eyelinerThink About the Type of Eyeliner You’re Using

There are many different types of eyeliner. You may prefer pencil liners but others like gel based ones. This will depend on a number of factors, including how long you want the make up to last for.

Gel lasts much longer than pencil liners. However, the application will be different and make take more precision. If you have a shaky hand, gel and liquid eyeliners may not be the best option for you!

black-eyelinerUse a Thin Line

Remember you don’t want to overdo the eyeliner so just have a thin line that runs across your eye lid. The smoky eye look isn’t always advisable for your brown eyes, depending on the overall look that you are after.

There’s no need to apply a thin to thick line on your top lids—it will make your eyes look too narrow.

brown-eyes-makeup2Applying in the Inner Lids

If your eyes are naturally wide, you may want to make them look a little narrower. When this is the case, add some eyeliner to your inner lids, following the line along the rest of your eyes.

If you prefer your wide eyes, avoid working on the inner part of your lids.

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