7 Exercises that You Can Do at Home

7 Exercises that You Can Do at Home

Don’t want to go to the gym? There’s no need to! You can get fit and toned by doing exercises in your own home. In fact, with some simple moves you can help yourself lose weight and become healthier. There’s no need to buy expensive equipment either. Here are seven simple exercises to do at home.

stairs-exercise-legs-feetRun Up and Down the Stairs

During the day, get a cardio workout in by running up and down the stairs.

You can go up one and back down, then two and back down, etc. or you can just keep going up and down all of them at once. The choice is up to you and it depends on the time you have to exercise.

running-treadmill-exercise-gymMarch on the Spot While Waiting

When you’re waiting for things like the kettle to boil or the water to run to do the washing up, march on the spot. This will keep your legs moving and is better than going to sit down while you wait!

You could easily get a few hundred steps in while you wait for these, since many take at least a couple of minutes.

trx-bodyweight-exerciseDo Bodyweight Exercises

Don’t buy weights to use at home. Your bodyweight is enough to get you fit and toned. Try out a variety of bodyweight exercises, including press ups, sit ups and squats. Work on different muscle groups each day so that they get a rest – this is when the build up and repair.

These exercises will cost very little (if anything) and can be done while you watch the TV!

television-tv-exercise-dumbbellExercise While the Adverts Are On

How many people want to watch the adverts? Very few! Instead of bearing it, get up and do some exercise. You could switch your music on and dance around for the three minutes or get in some of the bodyweight exercises while you wait for your programme to come back on. You will be surprised by the amount of exercise you get by doing it this way.

television-tv-exercise-situpThrow on a Workout DVD or Games Console Workout

If it’s raining and you want to get some fitness in, have some DVDs or workout games for your console. There are plenty available and they are all fun in their own way. You could opt for a dance workout, an aerobic session or even a game that works your mental fitness as well as your physical one!

jogging-running-exerciseGet Out and Run/Walk

Depending on your capabilities, you may need to walk instead of run but definitely get out and do it! Go to your local park or even do some laps in your garden. Not only will you get your cardio workout for free, you will do it in the fresh air, which helps your mentality as well as your fitness.

laundry-folding-clothesPick Up One Thing at a Time

Whether you’re getting all the cups and crockery together for the washing up or trying to gather clothes for the laundry, do it all one at a time. Yes, it might take longer but you will do much more walking around and get more exercise for free!

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