7 Perfect Side Dishes For that Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

7 Perfect Side Dishes For that Perfect Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, and with it comes the decision of what to serve other than just the turkey. There are some traditional side dishes that women make like mashed potatoes, and candied yams, but there are some other great side dishes that can make the meal complete. Here are the top 7 perfect side dishes for Thanksgiving.

Sweet-Potato-SouffleSweet potato casserole:

Sweet potatoes are very healthy, loaded with beta carotene and antioxidants. The casserole has a hint of sweet with a pecan topping.

The casserole is not difficult to make, and it will be a big hit at Thanksgiving.

mashed-potatoes-chicken-salad-dietButternut squash mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are present on very table for every Thanksgiving. However, instead of making boring old mashed potatoes, butternut squash can be made into a delicious mashed side dish that has a more unique flavor than plain old potatoes.

Butternut squash is made the same way that regular mashed potatoes are, the squash has to be cut up, boiled until soft, and then stirred together with butter and milk.

Wild-rice-pilaf-risotto-dietWild rice pilaf:

Wild rice pilaf contains brown rice, and it has a more unique nutty flavor than regular rice.

Rice pilaf is very nutritious, and can make a nice healthy addition to the Thanksgiving meal.

Green-bean-casserole-dietGreen bean casserole:

Green bean casserole is a big hit with families at Thanksgiving with its cream of mushroom soup ingredient and dried onion topping.

Some people love this simple side dish any time of year other than Thanksgiving. Parents can also take comfort in the fact that the casserole is a great way to get kids to eat their green vegetables.

CornCorn pudding:

Instead of just corn in a can, corn pudding can be a new and exciting way to serve this vegetable that is loaded with vitamin C.

The consistency will be like a soufflé, and everyone will ask for this every year.

Cornbread-muffinsCornbread muffins:

Cornbread is often used in stuffing, but this is not the only bread product that can involve corn. People typically serve some sort of dinner roll with the rest of the meal. However, one new way to spruce up the Thanksgiving meal would be to serve corn muffins.

Corn muffins can be made in many different ways with many additional ingredients including more vegetables to make these muffins even more health and delicious.

apple-sauceBaked cranberry and apple sauce:

Cranberry sauce is a traditional Thanksgiving side dish, and the sweet and sour combination of the meat and the sauce is delicious.

However, just cranberry sauce in a can is not very exciting, but combining it with apple gives it another flavor that flavor that make the turkey even more delicious.

When it comes to Thanksgiving meals, some side dishes are tradition, but sometimes going away from tradition can be delicious. Some new dishes to add to the Thanksgiving table include things like squash mashed potatoes, apple in the cranberry sauce, corn pudding, and corn muffins.

Traditions can be fun for Thanksgiving, but making new traditions can be both fun and delicious.

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