7 Tips to Change Your Eating Habits

7 Tips to Change Your Eating Habits

Healthy eating is important. You may groan but you will benefit in more ways than your weight by eating healthily. You will feel happier and like you have more energy, your organs will be supported and you will be more alert. Part of the problem is your habits and you need to make changes to help improve your eating habits.

water-bottleHave a Bottle of Water With You All the Time

The big problem is not drinking enough. When the body is thirsty, it makes you think you’re hungry. Strange but it is true. One of the biggest excuses for not getting another drink is having to move around the house or office.

Keep yourself hydrated by constantly having a bottle of water with you. You then just have to move around to fill it up!

salad-fridge-vegetablesChop Your Salad Up and Store It

If you want a quick lunch, it’s easy to start reaching for the takeaways and microwaveable meals. Instead of doing that, chop up some salad and place it in a bowl in the fridge; keeping it covered up.

This will last about a week before it goes off and gives you an easy way to have your greens every day, whether it is for lunch or dinner.

fruits-basketHave Your Fruit Ready to Serve

Similarly, make your fruit ready to serve, especially if you have pineapples, melons, mangos and other similar options. By making it easy to grab and go, you’re more likely to snack on the healthier options.

If you need them ready to snack on at work, have some dried fruit in your desk drawer ready to go.

groceries-store-checkoutDon’t Buy the Bad Stuff

The best way to change your habits is to remove the temptation. Don’t buy the bad stuff and only stock the good stuff.

You will be more likely to cook healthier meals and reach for the good snacks. If you are tempted in the supermarket, avoid the bad aisles and make a shopping list that you must stick to.

woman-cooking-vegetablesMake Your Meals in Bulk

If lunch is a problem due to time, make your dinners in bulk. This will give you some leftover to store in the freeze so you can just pull it out and bang it in the microwave.

You will feel like you’ve had takeaway when it comes to convenience but a delicious and healthy meal when it comes to taste – the best of both worlds! You’ll also be more ready to get back to work after lunch.

vegetables-dipHealthy Snacks Don’t Mean Fruit!

You don’t have to have fruit for every snack. There are plenty of healthy and tasty options, including vegetable sticks with dips, nuts and chocolate in moderation.

eating-chocolate-sweetsDon’t Say No All the Time

Allow yourself to have something “fattening” every now and then. If you keep telling yourself no, you will want it more. By eating in moderation, you learn control and develop a good habit that will help you remain healthy for a lifetime.

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