Get a Better Body Even When You’re Busy

Get a Better Body Even When You’re Busy

Women are becoming more and more busy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working single woman; there is just so much going on. Exercise and looking after the body is often put on the back burner until the working day is through. By the time you get home, you’re just too tired to do anything. You can get a better body with these tips.

energy-sport-drinksDrop the Energy Drinks

Yes, they may be full of energy but they’re full of ingredients that are not doing your body any favours.

Drop them and switch to healthier varieties. Green tea has some caffeine and will help you get through the day. This also helps to boost weight loss and is full of antioxidants to keep you feeling well.

drinking-waterFocus on the Water

Alternate between a cup of green tea and a glass of water. Our bodies need water to survive but many busy women are just forgetting about it. It’s not hard to opt for that on your break.

It could even be the reason for your hunger. You’ll look after your organs while improving your skin and waistline! Why not opt for it?

morning-bed-sleep-womanGet Up Half an Hour Earlier

So, your body is telling you that it needs sleep. Unless you’re not getting between six and eight hours, it probably doesn’t. It’s just your mind telling you lies so you don’t exercise.

Get up half an hour earlier to get a jog or swim in. You’ll feel better for the exercise as you’ll be happier and ready for a day at work.

jogging-running-exerciseSplit Your Exercise Up

Experts suggest 30 minutes of exercise a day. That’s a lot for a busy woman, right? Not at all! It is possible. The good news is you can split that exercise up throughout the day.

Do 10 or 15 minutes on a morning and then the rest after work. You could even do some on your lunch break. If you need to, do it in two minute increments throughout the day.

healthy-balanced-dietSet Times to Eat

Help your body’s metabolism by setting times to eat—and stick to those times. You’ll avoid overeating as your body will get used to the schedule and it will stop your metabolism from slowing down.

Try to have something healthy every three hours or so to keep your metabolism working at its optimum level. This just has to be a handful of seeds and nuts—nothing difficult to put together.

cardio-exercise-gymHave the Sports Wear to Hand

Never have the excuse that you’ve left your gym equipment at home. Have a spare pair of trainers and clothes in your work locker or bottom drawer.

You can do some exercise as soon as you leave. If your work as a shower, you could always do your exercise on the way to your workplace!

woman-cooking-vegetablesUse Your Day Off

Plan everything for the week on your day off. Make your meals in bulk and freeze them so when you get home you can quickly microwave them. Set out your quick lunches and snacks.

These will all help you to keep your waistline down as well as making your skin glow!

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