Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

Snacking is something everyone does. In fact, when you choose the right foods it is a healthy thing to do as it boosts your energy and prevents you from feeling hungry and overtired. Here is a list of 12 healthy snacks under a 100 calories to satisfy all types of cravings and tastes. Whether it is sweet, salty or nutty, this list gives you all types of snacking options.

blueberryA cup of blueberries

This 85 calories treat is a great addition to your diet.

Full of antioxidants and fibres, blueberries regulate blood pressure, reduce belly fats and has been shown to improve your memory.

cheddar-cheese24 grams of cheddar cheese

This translates into about five cubes and has a 100 calories. With the calcium, vitamin D and protein content cheddar cheese makes a great snack.

You could always add salt or hot sauce for an additional taste.

hannah-sweet-potatoesHalf a medium baked potato

It contains 85 calories and it is great if you are feeling hungry.

It will fill you up until the next meal and it will also help you satisfy your carbs cravings. You can add salt and spices to it for a better taste and less bland taste.

applesA medium apple

Usually around 70 to 80 calories, apples contain vitamins, fibres and sugars. They give you nutrition, energy boost and some sugar.

If you want some protein, spread half a tablespoon of peanut butter on half an apple instead.

figsDried figs or prunes

100 grams of dried figs or five prunes are like nature’s made candies.

In less than 100 calories, those will taste and feel like candy but without the artificial ingredients, added sugars and tons of calories. Instead, they are loaded with vitamins and fibres and they will certainly treat your sugar craving.

hummus-pita-vegetablesThree tablespoons of hummus

Containing protein, fibres and vitamins, this 80 calories mix makes a great snack.

You can eat it alone, or with rice crackers, celery or cucumber sticks.

kiwiTwo Kiwi fruits

They make a great addition to your diet. They are full of fibres and vitamins and you can even eat the skin.

You can enjoy two of this fruit over an afternoon and avoid eating fats and artificial sugars.

fruit-yogurt½ cup of fat free yoghurt with fruit

This snack gives the dose of protein, sugar and fibres you need for an afternoon or a midday snack.

Thanks to its great nutritious values, you can also try eat it for breakfast. If you are more in the mood for a treat, try a small scoop of fat free frozen yoghurt.

Pistachio-roasted25 dry roasted pistachios

Nuts are some of the best snacks. They have protein and the good fats that are required for your body. 25 pistachios have 85 calories and will give you a boost of energy.

olives-olive-oil10 medium sized olives

They make the perfect snack for those who need the salty kick.

eating-watermelon2 cups of watermelon

This delicious fruit gives the sugary taste without all the downside that comes with sugar.

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