How To Stop Hunger Cravings For Junk Food?

How To Stop Hunger Cravings For Junk Food?

Women devote so much time and money to control their weight yet they know very little about the reason that diets fail. We have cravings and we get hungry. Why is it that we crave a third slice of cheese pizza even though our bodies have plenty of stored fat to pull from? Why do people go for many hours without eating and then get cranky if they miss there 4 pm snack? What are those nasty loud growling noises that come from our stomachs when we are hungry?

Researchers have been working hard to investigate these basic human impulses. This task has proven to be extremely difficult. As soon as scientists believe they have discovered the key to the appetite, a new biological process, brain function or hormone emerges. What they have uncovered is still very fascinating.

Our Biological Clock

For thousands of years, humans have had an internal survival tool to eat as much as you can when food is available. Food was in very short supply and if you didn’t eat when it was available, you would not get to eat at all. You needed to eat to survive and to increase your chances of reproducing.

This drive to eat all we can has be inside us way before there were grocery stores, all you can eat buffets and fast food. Our body unfortunately has remained in the prehistoric age.

If you understand how your body was created to look for and consume food, you will be able to handle hunger better. When your body is anticipating a meal, your stomach will make those growling noises that you think are hunger sounds. It does not necessarily mean that you are hungry just that your body thinks it is time to eat. Hormones play a huge role in why your brain tells the body it is hungry.


Hunger Hormones

The hormone secreted by your stomach and to your intestines is called ghrelin. Only a few years ago, the ghrelin hormone was linked to hunger. This hormone rises when you have not eaten in a long time and decreases when you start eating.


Stress is common in our daily lives. There are many ways to deal with stress in a healthy way. But most women turn to comfort food when they are stressed. Comfort food with high calories have been proven to lower the release of stress hormones.

Low calorie foods such as nonfat yogurts do not work as well. To combat over-eating, we need to control our intake and control the portions we are taking in. When you are stressed, make a mental note to balance out your consumption of high fat foods with healthier choices.

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